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Pest Control

Pest Control

Not everyone needs indoor monthly pest control…
It used to be very common to have indoor pest control service every month to prevent roaches, fleas and mice.  However these pest are not the same problem that they used to be and sometimes indoor pest control is more of a nuisance than the pest we attempt to control. Most homeowners today experience problems with ants, roaches, spiders and other occasional outside pest coming indoors. With newer technologies, monthly interior service is no longer necessary for most homes. Unless a home has a problem with roaches, mice or fleas, quarterly exterior service is sufficient.
Colony Pest Control believes in Integrated Pest Management. It just makes sense to have fewer pesticides in your environment.
Our Treatment Options Include:
Platinum Coverage (Monthly Pest Control)
  • Extreme cases of roaches, silverfish, rats or mice
  • Great for commercial establishments especially restaurants or food handling/processing
  • Tailored to each client's personal needs
Gold Coverage (Quarterly Inside and Out)
  • Quarterly Interior and Exterior
  • Residential transitional service
  • Get severe problems for roaches, rats, mice or silverfish under control
Silver Coverage (Quarterly Exterior)
  • Most practical and economical
  • Treat roaches, spiders, ants, wasp, earwigs, centipedes, millipedes before they come indoors
  • Homeowner does not have to be present
  • Interior available if needed at no additional cost
Copper Coverage (When You Want It)
  • One-time service
  • Cover occasional invaders for up to 3 months
  • Quick and easy alternative to our regularly scheduled service
  • Call when you need it - You're the boss!
Semi-Annual Carpenter Bee Treatments
Carpenter Bees cause thousands of dollars in cosmetic damages every year to cedar, rustic and log homes and they have two breeding seasons each year in the spring and fall.  The secret is breaking the life cycle and over time, the continual treatment will eliminate the vast majority of bees.
Wasp/Asian Lady Beetle Exclusions
Homeowners typically pay hundreds of dollars to control wasp and Asian lady beetles but actually a little bit of insecticidal dust and caulk is all that is needed.  Our service is much more economical than trying to treat every month for a pest that needs sealing out permanently.
Fire Ant Treatment
Fire ants can ruin your backyard BBQ.  Our baiting treatment eliminates these stinging pests. 
They can't wait to get the bait back to their mounds to feed the entire colony too.
Flea Treatments
Just two fleas can become thousands in a few weeks.
We treat for both indoors and outdoors and usually eliminate fleas with just one treatment.
Rodent Exclusions
You can trap, bait and otherwise control rats and mice.  However if the entry points are not pinpointed and sealed off, they will just keep returning.  We offer full exclusion against rats and mice on the bottom floor of your structure by plugging entry points with foam insulation and steel wool.


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