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Termite Control

Termites: These insects take first place on the list of local nuisances because of their sheer numbers as well as their potential for destruction. They can easily make their way into your home and cause thousands of dollars in damage long before obvious signs of their presence arise. Authorities report at least 20 percent of older homes are inhabited by these insects and we’re here to keep them from literally eating you out of house and home.
Our Effective Termite Treatments
Our experts will recommend a specific solution that best suits your individual situation including...
  • Free assessment of your property to determine whether termites are at the heart of your problem and the extent
  • Elimination of all members of the colony, including eggs and treatments to keep them from returning
  • Guaranteed effectiveness for 15 years or else we provide further treatments at no cost
Chemical Termite Treatment
By the time termites are found, it’s probably already too late. Termite infestations are not easy to spot and they can do incredible amounts of damage. Preventative measures can provide a “safety bubble” for your home.
What is a Chemical Termite Treatment - A chemical termite treatment involves applying a liquid chemical to the soil, either under concrete flooring and/or around the entire perimeter of your building’s foundations. Our Termite Control Technicians are trained to take care of your home or business, working with you to create an effective treatment zone with the minimum disruption to your premises and its surroundings.
Termite Baiting and Monitoring Treatments
The techniques we use to monitor and bait termites are successful because we combine our expert eye for termite spotting with treatments that tap into the natural instincts of termites. This termite control method allows us to deliver a service that causes almost no inconvenience to homeowners or commercial property owners.
Termites locate unobtrusive termite bait stations placed around the perimeter of a property because of their natural foraging behavior. The termites then eat the bait and share it with other nest mates. This gradually kills large numbers of termites in the colony and reduces its size until it can no longer support itself and so collapses.
  • Unobtrusive – Does Not Change the Appearance of Your Home As Termite Bait Stations Are Placed In Strategic and Discreet Locations
  • Non-Disruptive – No Drilling Is Required For the Installation of Bait Stations
  • Peace of Mind – Routine, Ongoing Checks Looking For Signs of Termite Activity Will Mean That If a Problem Is Discovered, It Can Be Controlled Quickly
  • Monitoring and Baiting System Installation around Perimeter of the Structure
  • Localized Treatment of Areas of Activity Inside
  • Ongoing Maintenance Plan to Protect Structure While the System Is In Place
  • Regular Bait Station Check by Licensed Technician
  • Periodical Reports Provided To the Customer
  • Suitable For All Buildings (Homes and Businesses)


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